Hauswirth Consulting

In today’s world of government contracting there is a large amount of uncertainty regarding future government spending, especially in the defense industry. Consequently, determining and staffing optimal full time employee head count while accommodating for reduced or eliminated program funding or unexpected contract wins and losses has become an increasingly difficult task for small and large defense contractors alike. Hauswirth Consulting was originally created to meet the growing demand for high quality consulting services in today's defense industry.

Since the company was first started in 2009, our team has helped elevate numerous defense companies from consulting/subcontractor only entities to established Prime Contractors that are now capable of bidding, winning, and executing all types of government contracts. While we specialize in the area of Nonstandard/Former Soviet/Warsaw Pact weapons, weapons systems, ammunition, and aviation parts, we also work on programs involving US/NATO products. We are capable of covering smaller projects such as proposal writing and red team reviews, as well as full contracts/subcontracts/program management representation for the life of a program. We strive to provide extremely flexible services and engagements to meet the diverse requirements of our clients and will work closely with all parties involved to ensure satisfaction and success.

Hauswirth Consulting maintains strong relationships with many foreign and domestic factories/suppliers and is able to offer products and services that can be difficult to source.